Friday, 13 July 2018

5 Mind-Body Fitness Tips to Stay Healthy Inside and Out

Healthy people live healthy lives! Everyone on this planet looks for a peaceful environment to live a peaceful life. However, they don’t understand whatever the changes you are seeking outside you should look first inside. To have a peaceful life, your mind and body should be healthy and fit. Is it easy to keep mind and body fit in this noisy world? Why not? Everything is possible, right? So, let’s check out the ways to keep mind and body fit for a healthy life.

Here are Tips for Feeling Healthy Inside and out!

1. Exercise is the best

Exercise is the fantastic way to boost up your mind – body and soul. Expert Steven Cavellier says there is no substitute to exercise and we couldn’t agree more.  It not only boost your mood but also increases your self-esteem, periods of sleep, digestion, and much more. The stretching of muscles improves your performance at the personal and professional fronts. After the age of 40 our muscles start losing their strength, this is where exercise plays a great role. It not only strengthens the muscles, but also increases metabolism, and keep your mood happy always. Whether you want to reduce weight or want to get over stress, workout always works!

2. Intake good food

Do you know what serotonin is? Well, serotonin is a chemical present in our body that make us happy. In addition to, 90 per cent of serotonin is made in your gut. It shows whatever you feed in your body could impact your mood. Therefore, it is advisable to stay away from processed foods, frequenting antibiotics, high sugar and carb diets. Try to adapt all good habits like a long walk, cardio or yoga, try to avoid "toxic" people if possible. And stop over thinking and demotivating yourself, otherwise, it will increase your stress. In the end, healthy habits lead to healthy living. So, what are you waiting for? Say no to unhealthy food and switch to a healthy diet today.
Steven Cavellier | Stay Healthy

3.  Seek Peace of mind

Peace of mind comes from inside! How to get true peace of mind? Well, the answer is meditation. According to many experts, meditation is the key to attain peace of mind. Do you ever realize what actually disturb your peace of mind? Worrying over little things in life or over-thinker for every small issue are the reasons that disturb our peace and increase our stress level. That is why it is advisable to go for meditation in order to bring peace to life. Stress or over thinking not only disturb our mind but also affect our body and digestion. Therefore, instead of worrying about every little thing, try to cut out those things that disturbs your mental peace.

4. Don’t compare yourself with others

Comparison kills the real happiness! Every individual is different from the others so their destiny. People often compare themselves with others and get frustrated, jealous, and depressed.  Life is not about comparing with each other, it is about, learning from each other to become a great human being. When you compare yourself or your life with others, your mind and body get disturbed which led to increased anxiety and stress. This can decrease your confidence and can cause other diseases like high blood pressure, migraine, obesity, etc. Therefore, it is advisable to become more self-aware.  And instead of focusing on other’s life start focusing on your goals, values, current life situation and create a realistic plan to achieve your life goals.

5. Dress your Mood Up

Pampering yourself with new outfit or hairstyle is never a bad idea. Change is always important in life whether it is your dress style or haircut. If day-to-day routine makes you bore, it is the time to choose some exciting thing. At least twice a week, you should try something different from your wardrobe. It not only change your mood but will also increase your confidence level and improve your attitude. So, stop wearing black or grey every day, try some bright colors in the office for a change. Be a trendsetter instead of a trend follower! And when you will get compliments for your new look for this change, you will notice a difference in your life and attitude.

Final Thought

So, what are waiting for? If you are seeking for healthy and fit mind-body, and health, do consider these points and change your lifestyle. Steven Cavellier says we make our habits and our habits make us. Therefore, always choose good habits for good life.

Monday, 9 July 2018

4 Benefits of Healthcare Mobile Apps

Steven Cavellier | Healthcare mobile applications

Health is everything! Due to a hectic and stressful life, we often neglect regular check-ups or any other ailment treatment. And that is why there is an absence of peace of mind and soul in everyone’s life. Steven Cavellier says, no doubt different people have different priorities, but health is something that will always remain the topmost priority in every individual’s life. And that is why technology has introduced many healthcare apps to fill the gap between your health and hectic life. Nowadays, many healthcare mobile applications are available to help you live a healthy life effortlessly. Furthermore, it makes easy for the patient and doctor to connect with each other at any time with ease.

Let’s find out the myriad benefits of healthcare mobile apps here!

1. Track Health Data with a Healthcare Application

Now you can track health data with the help of healthcare apps in a hassle-free manner. Isn’t sounds cool? Such applications, make it easy for everyone to see their health information instantly just with a few clicks. Furthermore, you can track your fitness improvement information anywhere at any time. So, it is advisable for the physicians to use healthcare apps to increase the flow of patients.

2. Schedule Appointment

Do you find difficulty in scheduling appointments with a physician? No worries, as healthcare mobile app developers have made everything easy by connecting doctor and patient with ease. Now you can schedule your appointment with a doctor in one swipe. If an app can connect doctor and patient for 24/7, what more could you ask for? Many times patient sitting in the waiting room get frustrated and annoyed, this is where the app plays a key role. It make easy for patient to schedule the appointment and save a lot of time.

3. Easy to Share the Reports

Now with the help of a mobile app, a patient can access his or her test reports at any time. Once the medical reports are out, doctors push the test results to the patient’s health record. And patient can access it while sitting anywhere. Therefore, it is advisable for the physicians to make use of this technology and offer patients quality services. In the end, it will help in increasing the flow of patients as well.

4. Easy to Secure the Information

Mobile applications can provide all medical records and information about the patient. It secures the discussion and other confidential information between doctor and patient through encryption. Furthermore, the chances of losing medical data or record are very less. Now, the patient can update its medical history with the app in less time. In the end, it will make every detail transparent between the doctors and patients.

Final Words

According to expert Steven Cavellier healthcare mobile apps are beneficial for both doctors and patients in many ways. The demand for healthcare mobile apps is increasing day by day. They are making the life of healthcare providers and seekers easier in every way. In the marketplace, many healthcare mobile app developers are in the race, but only those who believe in innovation and quality will win the race.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

5 Tips for Improving Patient Flow in Healthcare

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A customer is a king in every business! No business can run without customers including healthcare business. Healthcare practitioners cannot depend on the single appointment and waiting room process. Many experts like Steven Cavellier in medical field healthcare business of all size can generate revenue only with the flow of patients. To build goodwill in the market it is important to increase the flow of business and providing a positive experience to the patient. In the end, customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of any service provider.

Now the question is how one can improve patient flow. Let’s check out the ways:

1.    Patient-friendly layout

A layout of your medical practice is very important to consider as it plays a great role in improving patient flow. To make it possible, place a reception desk near the entrance of the practice. Furthermore, waiting room should be designed in a way to make it easy for a patient to move directly to an exam room and then proceed to an exit. After all, in the end, patient convenience should be the priority. So, make sure to have a patient-friendly layout for patients.

2.    Time Management is the Key

Time management plays an important role in every profession. Therefore, make sure that your every employee is well-trained with time management techniques. In medical practice, many times employee need to handle multiple patients, administrative work, and other responsibilities all at once. To make it easy for the employees, provide them with the tools to manage in a hectic and fast pace environment. So, make sure that your employees know the importance of time management and perfect in their performance.

Steven Cavellier | Patient Flow

3.    Preference to Mobile technology

Goodbye to paper and pen! In the era of technology, it is advisable to provide a tablet to your employees to write down the everyday task and patient detailed information. With the help of tablet, a patient can review his medical history and can update any changes if required in few minutes. After all, the technology works faster than paper and pen. Further, nurses and other staff can also update their tasks on a tablet. So, it is advisable to choose technology world and everything easy for yourself and for your patients.

4.    Keep Patient Informed

How you treat your patients and value their time it speaks about your professionalism. Sometimes patients get frustrated and impatient while waiting for an extended period of time. Therefore, never let this happen with your patients. Ask your receptionist to keep up to date on your schedule. And if there is any change in the schedule, do inform the patient about it through text or phone call. In the end, expert Steven Cavellier always says that time is everything and we should always value it.

5.    Use an EHR

EHR is a tool that is used to complete a task like insurance checks, refill checks, and any other job in lesser time. With this tool, you can complete work quickly when there is a minute between patients, so they do not have wait for you at the end of the day. By using EHR you and your staff will remain on top of task throughout a day. So, don’t think much and start using EHR for better performance.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Careers in Public Health Education

Steven Cavellier |  Public Health Education

Public health careers might be misinterpreted because the field can be problematic to define. At one level, public health includes medical care delivered within a community and external a hospice setting emphasis Steven Cavellier. In another context, public health can have worldwide consequences and refer to improve the health of entire nations.

Generally, the public health educator emphasis their efforts on groups of individuals, from families to societies. They develop instructive crusades and programs that encourage healthy habits and surroundings. Their responsibilities tend to research-oriented as well as project-based.

They scrutinize data about target demographics and cultivate evidence-based programs that are particular to the groups they assist. Due to the equilibrium of advisory and teaching responsibilities, there is a range of particular roles that public health graduate can pick. Let’s have a look at following career options:

Health Coordinator

Health care coordinators deliver patient care. In fact, they act as their advocates to teach as well as support them in traversing the health care system. They are liable for the managerial aspects of patient care says Steven Cavellier. Usually work in healthcare amenities, such as hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities providing non-medical support to nurses and patients.

While they don’t deliver care themselves, they do help to assess patients to determine what their particular requirements are with the goal of ensuring that their patients have access to the type and quality of care that they require.

Health Promotion Specialist

Do you have strong communication skills? Or have an interest in persuading the health elections that individuals make. If so, then considering a career as a health promotion specialist is advisable. The job responsibility of these healthcare professionals is to give face-to-face advice to the individual.

Furthermore, they have to investigate and create strategic procedures to promote better selections to a wider group, like healthy lifestyle campaigns. These specialists can be found in a range of settings, such as hospitals, local community groups, schools, and workstations, Steven Cavellier says.

Public Health Nurses

Job responsibility of public health nurses is to work within a society to improve the overall health of its members. In fact, these professionals emphasis on understanding the need of community rather than individual patients.

Examples comprise ethnic groups, women as well as children with specific health issues. The public health nurses generally work for government agencies or large private health organizations. They provide educational and advocacy services to at-risk individuals and groups.

Bottom Lines

According to a study, public health instructors and public health workers can presume to see a 13% evolution in available employment between now and 2024. Because bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement, those with a master’s degree will have more odds for specialization and to nurture into management roles.

Steven Cavellier an American lawyer has specialization in health education for medical professions. The professional work with medical students to help them learn the skills required to motivate individuals and communities to attain better health through behavioral and environmental changes.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Why Health Education Is Important

Health education is something that is necessary these days, as a lot of people are falling into common sickness. Wellbeing educational program enables individuals to learn skills they will use to set healthy decisions all through their lifetime. The program makes students knowledgeable, skillful as well as confident about the health says Steven Cavellier.

Health education also enhancement the community’s economy by decreasing the healthcare expenditure and mislaid productivity due to avoidable illness. Obesity and tobacco use, charge billions of dollars in the United States every year.

According to a prediction, the annual loss in economic productivity due to fatness and relevant issues will cost up to $580 billion by 2030. The health education program helps community members combat the expensive health issues emphasis Steven Cavellier. Along with boosting the health of individuals, the program also provides a return on investment for communities.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

How Technology Impacting the Healthcare Industry

Steven Cavellier | Technology Impacting the Healthcare Industry

Technology is transmuting the way people live. When it comes to the healthcare industry, “the technological development has saved the uncountable lives as well as improve the quality of life” emphasis Steven Cavellier. The modern technology including mobility, cloud and big data has have transformed the information and technology in healthcare. Let’s explore the latest technological inventions and the benefits they bring to patient and professionals:

•    The digitalization of health records: 

Electronic Health Records (EHR) technology has been a game changer for many healthcare professionals. Nurses and specialists are now accountable for entering patient data such as signs, weight, test reports, etc. into a dominant, digitized system. On the management side of things, medical billers use EHRs for submitting medical claims, modifying patient records with analytic codes, and scheduling appointments.

Enhanced patient care, better public health, ease of workflow are some of the benefits of implementing EHR emphasis Steven Cavellier. Along with this, the move from paper to electronic health records also have reduced the price of outpatient care by 3%.

•    Big data and cloud: 

Big data refers to the huge amount of data gathered from different sources that are then processed and used for analytics. Being an industry, dealing with the civic, healthcare obviously gathers and store an enormous quantity of data.

When analyzed by data experts, this information has a lot of benefits including avoiding preventable deaths, lessening health care costs, predicting epidemics etc. Furthermore, the cloud is an invaluable tool for medical research and sharing medical information. This new aptitude to share the big data effortlessly has helped lead to the growth of life-saving drugs.

•    Information and Communication Technology (ICT): 

According to Steven Cavellier, about 270 million Americans have owned a mobile phone and even more are connected online. Hence, like to other industry, healthcare industry need to transform its communication process to connect with people wherever they are.

The technology connects healthcare professionals with the patients. Actually, this is useful especially in the rural zones and places with a deficiency of amenities and professional services. These days’ people use smartphones, webcam, emails, telemedicine and telemonitoring system. These technological advancements serve many purposes like management, education, counselling, diagnostics and support.

•    Mobile app technology in the medical field: 

There is an app for almost everything at the moment. And healthcare apps are continuously evolving for both the healthcare professionals as well as patient use. Fact is, healthcare app is the fastest growing market in mobile application development says Steven Cavellier. There are lakhs healthcare apps available recently, and thousands of paid apps get downloaded every day.

These apps are one of the best ways for doctors to provide high-quality services and at the same time are cheaper for patients to access. The mobile health apps can assist with chronic care management, diagnostics, women’s health, mental health, medication management etc.

•    Telehealth: 

Telehealth services such as video conferencing are becoming the inexpensive ways to accompaniment local health services. This is predominantly helpful to those living in rural, provincial and remote communities.

Final Thoughts

Steven Cavellier has shared his view above on how technology impacting the healthcare industry. Regardless of any risk, the overall impact of technology is optimistic. Opting latest health technologies, trends and innovations potentials a greater calibre of carefulness across the board.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

What is the Importance of Health Education?

Health education is something that is necessary these days, as a lot of people are falling into common sickness. Wellbeing educational program enables individuals to learn skills they will use to set healthy decisions all through their lifetime. The program makes students knowledgeable, skillful as well as confident about the health says Steven Cavellier.

Furthermore, it allows individuals to enrich and keep up their wellbeing, avert sickness and lessening perilous practices. The purpose of the health education is to optimistically influence the health behavior of individuals as well as communities. Moreover, it improves the quality of life.

Importance of health education

Health education allows a person to remain physically fit and inappropriate wellbeing. It also teaches about the emotional as well as mental health of the student. When it comes to creating a healthy community, the significance of health education cannot be ignored. Community health education looks at the health of a public as an entire. Moreover, the prominence of fitness education influences many areas of wellness within a civic, including:

    Chronic disease cognizance and prevention

    Maternal and infant health

    Tobacco use and substance misuse

    Wound and ferocity avoidance

    Mental and communicative health

    Nutrition, workout and obesity prevention

The health educators work with public departments, government offices, and nonprofits in order to design educational program and resources to address the community-particular needs.

Overcoming Health Disparities

Along with providing the instructive resources to the community, health educationalists also work to ensure members of a civic have equivalent access to wellness resources and healthcare services as well, Steven Cavellier says. They work with the groups and scrutinize trends in behaviors as well as fitness outcomes.

Community health education and Government policy

The prominence of wellbeing education also outspreads into policy and regulation enlargement at a local, state and national level. From crusades and legislation to enforce seat belt use and avert smoking to programs that boost the consciousness and hindrance of diabetes, public health workers endow investigation and direction to notify policy enlargement. Different policies bring technical information and the expertise of the community together in order to influence the design of health system.

The economic importance of health education

Health education also enhancement the community’s economy by decreasing the healthcare expenditure and mislaid productivity due to avoidable illness. Obesity and tobacco use, charge billions of dollars in the United States every year.

According to a prediction, the annual loss in economic productivity due to fatness and relevant issues will cost up to $580 billion by 2030. The health education program helps community members combat the expensive health issues emphasis Steven Cavellier. Along with boosting the health of individuals, the program also provides a return on investment for communities.

Wrapping Up

Steven Cavellier has given his overview on the importance of health education. The professional is an American attorney with specialization in health education. In fact, he works with the medical professionals in order to help them create an edifying plan for the patients.